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Monday, August 29

An Introduction to Ebonic Words, Terms, Phrases


All before lunch- phrase intended to illustrate that someone has done a great deal in a short time


Badonkadonk- an extremely curvaceous female behind, usually supplemented by a small waist
Baller- one who plays basketball; one who spends huge amounts of money
Balling- blocking standing in the way of someone who's trying to succeed
Bangin- used to describe something that is impressive, enjoyable, or just basically good
Banners- colors one's gang wears to represent themselves
Beats- type of urban beat that's produced by the use of pens, knuckles, and other parts of the hand
Beef- a grudge with another person
Benjamins- $100
Biter- one who copies another person in some way
Blade- a knife
Blaze- to smoke pot
Bling bling- expensive, often flashy jewelry sported mostly by African American hip-hop artists and middle class Caucasian adolescents.
Boo- one's lover
Booyakasha- salutation, form of greeting
Bounce- to exit a location or situation
Bread- money
Brother- a male friend who is not an actual blood-related sibling


Cappin- shooting
Chickenhead- a materialistic woman
Chill- relax; stop doing something
Chips- money
Chronic- top quality crack
Cracker- a person of the Caucasian race
Crib- house
Crunk- rowdy, out of control
Connect- a person one knows, usually a drug supplier


Da- alternative spelling of the word "the"
Da bomb- the best of the best
Dawg- friend or close friend
Diesel- very fit and in top physical condition
Dilly- synonym for "deal"
Dime bag- a little bag filled with ten dollars worth of marijuana.
Drinks- beverages, usually alcahol
Doobie- a type of hairstyle in which bobbie pins is used to tie the hair so it wraps around one's head. When the pins are removed, the hair becomes bouncy and hangs over one's head
Dubs- twenty-inch (or more) wheel rims found on a car
Dumps- thighs and buttocks that are above average in size and have an attractively round shape
Dutch- a branch of smoked drugs with an interesting taste and feel


Ese- Spanish term for "what up?"


Fattie- a large rear end
Feds- shortened term for the federal government
Fiending- craving or desiring something very intensely
Fitty- an "urban" way of saying the number "fifty"
Flava- a person's style
Flip out- the act of losing total control do to stress-overload
Flow- skills
Fly- attractive
Fo sho- an alternative way of saying "for sure"
Frontin- misrepresenting yourself, in regards to what you have or how you feel


G- a shortened form of the word "grand"
Game- skills
Gangsta- alternative spelling of the word "gangster"
Ghetto- 1. poorly or cheaply made; poor; of or relating to the poor life 2. See Gangsta (Word Above)
Grill- one's face
Grimey- selfish, greedy
Grip- money


Hardcore- cool; attractive; ideal
Holla- to call out
Homie- friend
Hood- neighborhood; a location where someone grew up, or represents
Hook up- to give a good or service as a favor
Hot- cool, excellent; very good-looking
Hotbox- to smoke marijuana in a confined space so that the smoke remains in circulation
Hotlanta- Atlanta, Georgia. "Hot" refers to both the weather and social climate of Atlanta (Word first used in movie "Beauty Shop")
Hustler- a drug dealer


Iight- shortened word for "all right"
ill- cool
I'm game- phrase meaning that one is prepared to commence a task
I'm out- goodbye
Ice- expensive, shiny and flashy jewelry usually in the form of a necklace, chain, ring, or earrings; diamonds


Jack- to steal
Janky- inferior quality


Kicks- shoes or sneakers
Krunk- alternative spelling of the word "crunk"


Leet- shortened form of the word "elite"


Mad- stresses the intensity of an adjective
Mary jane- codename fore marijuana
Metro- shortened form of the word "metro sexual"
Metro sexual- a heterosexual male who dresses overly stylish, almost in a homosexual way
Milkshake- a woman's body and the way she carries it
Money- cool, excellent
Most def- a shortened form of the phrase "most definitely"


Nick- a little bag filled with five dollars worth of marijuana
Nigga- person, especially African American
Nizzle- an African-American man; commonly used in conjunction with "fo-shizzle"


Off da heezy- excellent, cool
Off da hook- excellent, cool
Old school- original; founding
Own- to be better than someone at something


Paper- money
Peace out- goodbye
Peeps- one's friends
Phonie's- a fake, unrealistic thug (See Wanksta)
Pimp- a man who makes a profession out of reducing women to commodities and convincing them to sell their bodies to clients.
Playa hater- one (the hater) who strongly dislikes someone else (the player), usually because the player is popular and the hater is jealous
Player- one who does many females
Pop- shoot
Po po- the police
Poppin- shooting; cool, excellent; as in poppin her vagina
Pussy- one's vagina; coward-like


Raise up- exit
Remix- a song that is similiar to an original, but is edited
Rock- 1. a shiny mineral; jewelery 2. wore, as in you rocked that shirt yesterday 3. Cystallized form of cocaine
Rollin- transporting oneself, usually in a car
Rollout- to exit a location or situation
Runnin ya mouth- a term describing how someone is talkin nonsense


Sand digger- a person from the Middle East
Score- to have sexual intercourse with
Screwed- to have sexual intercourse with; to out of luck or bad-off
Scrub- a male who leeches off his friends; a perpetrator
Seal the deal- to have sexual intercourse with a female
Shiznit- to feel great, one of a kind, euphism for "da shit"
Sho nuff- shortened version of the phrase "sure enough"
Shortie- woman (also shawty, and shorty)
Shrooms- mushrooms that cause hallucinogenic effects
Sixer- a six-pack of beer
Skrilla- money
Strappin- having a gun
Swag- a cheap form of marijuana


Talkin Shit- speaking poorly of someone else
Teabag- to dip one's testicles into another's mouth
That's the shit- something really good
Threads- clothes
Thurr- an alternative, more "urban" way of spelling the word "there"
Tight- cool, excellent
Tims- Timberland™ boots
Tipsy- the stage of intoxication before intoxication
Trip- to overreact
Trippin- crazy
True- a response to a statement you agree with
True dat- a response to a statement you agree with. "Urban" form of "true that."


Up- each; a score is tied, as in 8 up (each team has 8 points)


Vikings- the drug Vicodin


Wallin- crazy
Wanksta- a fake, unrealistic, thug
Wassup- a greeting
Weed- marijuana
Went at it- had a fight
Whack- sorry, sad, pathetic, not cool
Whilin- crazy
Whip- a car
Whiskey Dick- this event occurs when a male cannot hold an erection because he has become heavily intoxicated
Wifey- what a male might call if he has been with his girlfriend for an extreme amount of time
Wigga- a caucasian person who claims and tries to behave as an African-American
Woody- an erection
Woot- a shout of excitement from a geek, nerd, and/or dork within the internet
Word- used as a means of conveying agreement
Word up? - alternative way of saying "what up?"

X- the drug MDMA, also known as ecstasy


yak- shortened term for conyak
yo- used to call attention to someone
you got me bent- you have me confused with someone else
you smart- sarcastic term of saying "You are dumb"
young'n- one who is not used to hanging out at late periods of time


40- a 40 oz. malt liquor beverage
5-0- the police
9- a 9mm pistol


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At 9:20:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anyone consider this way of communicating to be base and preposterous? It denotes a person of low social class.

At 10:47:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

True dat!

At 5:49:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It works for James Patterson.

At 10:48:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

doobie is a synonym for joint (weed cigarette), "doob" for short.
dub also means $20 sack of weed.

At 12:51:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Conyak? Cognac.

At 10:57:00 AM, Blogger michaelpttt said...

Yup yup

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I'm sorry buy Metro Sexual doesn't sound ebonic. Are you sure about that one? Some words you list seem to have come from the hippies.

At 10:46:00 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

U sed whoo?! Whoo dat is?? Skrate 100

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damn nigga dis off da janky fo sho

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